What is the Double Chance in Betting?

What is the Double Chance in Betting?

The popularity of bets is determined by the probability of making a profit – the higher it is, the more attractive the bet. In football betting, a double chance is a bet on 2 outcomes at the same time. They belong to the main ones, but unlike bets just to win, lose or draw, a player who bets on a double outcome is more likely to win.

Double Chance Types

The betting list offers several bets on a double chance, what kind of markets these are, and what any bettor should know about their features. In all types of double outcomes, the player needs to correctly predict 2 out of 3 possible outcomes. The better, as it were, is insured, but the price for this is low odds. The main types of double-chance football bets are:

  • 1X – a bet on the victory of the first (hosts or chosen first by a lot) club or a draw. If the first team loses, the player will lose the wagered money. 2X – the victory of the second (away or second by a lot) team or a draw. The bet will not play if the second team concedes to the first. 12 – the victory of any of the participants in the football match. If the score is equal, the better will say goodbye to the bet amount.
  • Forecasts are proposed to be made both for the entire football match and for halves. Beginners often confuse 1X and 2X bets with a zero handicap – F1 (0) and F2 (0), respectively. The difference between the zero handicaps is that in the event of a tie, a recalculation is made with a coefficient of “1”, i.e. the player receives a refund, not a profit.
  • In basic bets on a double outcome, the score with which the half or match ends does not matter. But bookmakers with a wide range of football bets combine double chance bets with other markets. In them, the number of goals is important, it depends on their number whether the better will make a profit from the bet or not. In bets “double chance + total over/under”, to win, you need not only to correctly predict 2 possible outcomes but also to guess whether the total number of goals scored will be over/under the total value specified in the bet.
  • In Double Chance + Both Teams To Score, you have to guess 2 out of 3 outcomes and whether each team will score at least one goal.
  • Such outcomes are more difficult to predict, so they come with increased odds.

Double Chance Strategies

To make a profit from betting on double-chance football, experienced bettors use various strategies, they are selected depending on the type of bet.

What is the Double Chance in Betting?

Features of 1X bets

The player predicts that the hosts will not lose. For betting, matches with strong hosts should be selected. It is easier to play at home, even if the first team is a little inferior in professionalism to the guests, they have serious support in the form of numerous fans. But with relatively equal strengths of opponents, the odds are 1X higher, although not always.

For example, in the match “Watfort” – “Liverpool”, many were inclined to win “Liverpool”. This is a strong club, 19-time champion of England, but Watford played at home. As a result, “Watforth” won a dry victory 3:0. Players who made a pair of 1X received a good profit and without hassle because there was insurance.

When forecasting, the player needs to analyze past personal meetings, the form of the first team, and the general statistics of recent games.

With proper analysis, you can easily pick up a duel in which the favorite cannot beat the underdog in his native walls.

Strategy for 2X

To win, the second team must not lose. The probability of passing 2X is higher if the second participant is a favorite or an implicitly motivated outsider playing at home. The better selects several games with a favorite and an underdog and bets 2X on the underdog.

Odds per underdog should be in the range of 3.5-4.0. The better makes 3 bets with an equal face value, and on the fourth, the size of the bet increases. This allows you to cover costs and make a profit.

The strategy will bring profit only if the player correctly assessed the chances of the second team winning or a draw and correctly distributed the bankroll.

Features 12 Bets

It is appropriate to make bets against a draw when both teams do not agree on an equal score at the end of the meeting. The player should consider the matches of the favorite and the middle peasant with a small difference in the standings. A weak club will make every effort to win.

Some bettors bet against a draw in the second half to reduce risk. By this time, it is already possible to assess the strength of the opponents and the tactics of the game each of them.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are no perfect bets, and betting on double chance in football has both disadvantages and advantages. The latter include the following:

  • high probability of winning – guessing 2 outcomes of 3 of them is easier than one; low risk of losing allows you to include bets in express bets, increase the overall odds and get more profit; easy to understand – even a novice better can figure it out.
  • The biggest downside to double-chance betting is the low odds. Betting also requires analysis, and for the time spent on this, the better will receive a small reward.