What does 1x2 mean in betting

What does 1×2 mean in betting

“1X2” (“1H2”) is a bookmaker’s market, which implies a bet on the outcome of an event, taking into account the safety net. In the list, the bookmaker sets up three positions within the market:

  1. “1X” – the hosts will not lose: the match will end either with the victory of the first team or a draw.
  2. “X2” – the guests will not lose: the match will end either with the victory of the second team or a draw.
  3. “12” – there will be no draw: the match will end with the victory of one of the teams.

This market is characterized by a low level of risk, but bookmakers often put a huge margin into it, which significantly lowers quotes and makes the market unprofitable. This position is often referred to as “Double Chance” by players but is rarely used in the game. Exceptions are bets in favor of an outsider, where an outcome with a draw is allowed.

The probability of a draw

It is football matches that have an approximately 33% chance of ending in a draw if the teams are approximately equal in terms of training. Players in teams are also often chosen in approximately the same way. It should also be taken into account the fact that in many leagues and championships, the game is practiced from the defense. All these factors contribute to the end of matches in a draw.

In the table, you can see the approximate odds of a draw in the leagues of different countries. And although it is better to collect your statistics, nevertheless, the data in the table suggests that the probability of a draw remains quite high, which can be used to make a profit in bets.

When predicting a draw, consider the statistics of each team’s games, the average number of goals scored per match, the composition of the teams, the physical condition of key players, and their motivation.

A few effective strategies

Consider the most popular strategies for a draw:

  • Double bet. The player makes 2 bets – on a draw and total odd, that is, an odd number of goals scored. The result is the so-called. fork. By trading through a betting exchange, you can close the sure bet so that you can make a profit no matter what the outcome. If you make bets through a bookmaker, you can also make CashOut (early withdrawal of money from a bet) or wait for the end of the match.
  • The player simply bets the same size on a draw. At a distance, 1 bet out of 3 wins. You can start betting after 1-2 losses on paper, increasing your chances.
  • Martingale method. A risky option, when in case of losing a bet, the size of the next one increases. You need patience, iron endurance, and a large deposit (gaming bank).
  • 2 out of 5. We work with 5 matches, where the weak favorite will play on the wrong field, and the teams are approximately equal in strength. Now we need to make all possible combinations of double accumulators using data from 5 matches. The size of the bet for each accumulator must be the same. By guessing at least 2 accumulator bets out of 5, the player makes a profit.

Why is it important to know all the decoding of bets in bookmakers

Most of the players lose only because they operate the lines of the main outcomes and totals. In such markets, the bookmaker’s line is balanced and it is difficult to take an advantageous position. Things are different if the bettor looks deep into the line and notices obvious distortions in the market for interconnected bets and specific types of bets.

Detailed analytics of the betting line will tell you what to expect in the match more clearly than a dozen statistical resources. Notation is the language of the bookmaker, with the help of which he communicates with the player. Therefore, it is so important to know the decoding of each outcome in the BC line.

In live, where the ultimate concentration and high decision-making speed are required from the bettor, the responsibility increases. Therefore, it is important to operate with the subtleties and nuances of notation, reading the possible scenario of the match along the way.

Deciphering rates: how to understand

Just as professionals cannot do without calculators for calculating bets, so novice bettors cannot do without deciphering bet outcomes. The more knowledgeable the bettor is, the easier it is for him to argue with the bookmaker. Especially if there are conflict situations in the calculation of rates.

In addition, if you know the symbols in football betting well, then other sports will easily submit, where the basic description of events is based on well-known symbols.


The advantage of betting on a draw is a fairly frequent outcome of the match, which means that by analyzing it is possible to predict this event. Also, be aware of the high odds. The disadvantage is difficult predictability at the start and finish of competition seasons.

What is the Double Chance in Betting?

What is the Double Chance in Betting?

The popularity of bets is determined by the probability of making a profit – the higher it is, the more attractive the bet. In football betting, a double chance is a bet on 2 outcomes at the same time. They belong to the main ones, but unlike bets just to win, lose or draw, a player who bets on a double outcome is more likely to win.

Double Chance Types

The betting list offers several bets on a double chance, what kind of markets these are, and what any bettor should know about their features. In all types of double outcomes, the player needs to correctly predict 2 out of 3 possible outcomes. The better, as it were, is insured, but the price for this is low odds. The main types of double-chance football bets are:

  • 1X – a bet on the victory of the first (hosts or chosen first by a lot) club or a draw. If the first team loses, the player will lose the wagered money. 2X – the victory of the second (away or second by a lot) team or a draw. The bet will not play if the second team concedes to the first. 12 – the victory of any of the participants in the football match. If the score is equal, the better will say goodbye to the bet amount.
  • Forecasts are proposed to be made both for the entire football match and for halves. Beginners often confuse 1X and 2X bets with a zero handicap – F1 (0) and F2 (0), respectively. The difference between the zero handicaps is that in the event of a tie, a recalculation is made with a coefficient of “1”, i.e. the player receives a refund, not a profit.
  • In basic bets on a double outcome, the score with which the half or match ends does not matter. But bookmakers with a wide range of football bets combine double chance bets with other markets. In them, the number of goals is important, it depends on their number whether the better will make a profit from the bet or not. In bets “double chance + total over/under”, to win, you need not only to correctly predict 2 possible outcomes but also to guess whether the total number of goals scored will be over/under the total value specified in the bet.
  • In Double Chance + Both Teams To Score, you have to guess 2 out of 3 outcomes and whether each team will score at least one goal.
  • Such outcomes are more difficult to predict, so they come with increased odds.

Double Chance Strategies

To make a profit from betting on double-chance football, experienced bettors use various strategies, they are selected depending on the type of bet.

Features of 1X bets

The player predicts that the hosts will not lose. For betting, matches with strong hosts should be selected. It is easier to play at home, even if the first team is a little inferior in professionalism to the guests, they have serious support in the form of numerous fans. But with relatively equal strengths of opponents, the odds are 1X higher, although not always.

For example, in the match “Watfort” – “Liverpool”, many were inclined to win “Liverpool”. This is a strong club, 19-time champion of England, but Watford played at home. As a result, “Watforth” won a dry victory 3:0. Players who made a pair of 1X received a good profit and without hassle because there was insurance.

When forecasting, the player needs to analyze past personal meetings, the form of the first team, and the general statistics of recent games.

With proper analysis, you can easily pick up a duel in which the favorite cannot beat the underdog in his native walls.

Strategy for 2X

To win, the second team must not lose. The probability of passing 2X is higher if the second participant is a favorite or an implicitly motivated outsider playing at home. The better selects several games with a favorite and an underdog and bets 2X on the underdog.

Odds per underdog should be in the range of 3.5-4.0. The better makes 3 bets with an equal face value, and on the fourth, the size of the bet increases. This allows you to cover costs and make a profit.

The strategy will bring profit only if the player correctly assessed the chances of the second team winning or a draw and correctly distributed the bankroll.

Features 12 Bets

It is appropriate to make bets against a draw when both teams do not agree on an equal score at the end of the meeting. The player should consider the matches of the favorite and the middle peasant with a small difference in the standings. A weak club will make every effort to win.

Some bettors bet against a draw in the second half to reduce risk. By this time, it is already possible to assess the strength of the opponents and the tactics of the game each of them.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are no perfect bets, and betting on double chance in football has both disadvantages and advantages. The latter include the following:

  • high probability of winning – guessing 2 outcomes of 3 of them is easier than one; low risk of losing allows you to include bets in express bets, increase the overall odds and get more profit; easy to understand – even a novice better can figure it out.
  • The biggest downside to double-chance betting is the low odds. Betting also requires analysis, and for the time spent on this, the better will receive a small reward.
What is the handicap in betting

What is the handicap in betting

In any game, the word “handicap” refers to the initial exaggeration of the chances of the opposing opponent to equalize the outcome of the fight. It is extremely important to deal with such a tool as a handicap when making sports bets. After all, it is not interesting to bet on the undisputed winner, whose coefficients are minimal. And vice versa, picking an outsider as a favorite is a direct way to lose money. To make sports betting profitable and successful, we advise you to learn how to maneuver in bets using such a tool as a handicap.

The principle of operation and types of odds in the betting

Before you start skillfully using the handicap, you need to understand what the principle of the handicap is, what types of handicaps are, and what are their features.

The handicap works in a very simple way. Handicap is added to or subtracted from the final result of the selected match. Next, the results of all participants are compared, taking into account the calculated odds. If the selected athlete or team has a better result, then the bet will be won.

Now let’s look at the types of handicaps:

  • Positive handicap. It is used for unconditionally weak teams with low chances to jump ahead.
  • Minus handicap. This kind of bet is just the opposite, used when betting on the strongest.
  • A zero bet is an option if the opponents’ strengths are approximately equal. This handicap attracts by the possibility of returning it, for example, if the result of the match ended in a draw. Zero handicaps are more often more profitable, therefore it is very popular among bookmaker gamblers.

European vs Asian Handicap

The concepts of European and Asian handicaps are different, and every player who wants to bet successfully must distinguish them.

European handicap – the principle of the bet, examples of calculations

The main one of the first types of handicap is whole bets. Yes, they can be with a minus sign (-1, -2, -3) or with a plus sign (+1, +2, +3), but they must be calculated as integers.

Important point! European handicaps have no such thing as a return of the bet, for example, if, together with the calculated handicap, the result turned out to be equal. However, due to the lack of refunds, the European handicap odds are more profitable and attractive than the Asian ones.

For example, a user places a bet on a soccer match between teams X and Y, with the expectation that Y will win. At the same time, a positive handicap +1 is taken into account Y. What’s going on next? Suppose the match ended with a score of 3:2. With the handicap taken into account, the final score becomes 3:3. In the end, the bet was lost. But if the teams finished the game with a score of 2:2, then with recalculation for the handicap, the result would be 2:3, and, accordingly, the bet would win.

This rule of bookmakers and European odds is very controversial, but it has its place. Most people who are accustomed to Asian odds, which are returned in the event of a draw, believe that in this case they are being deceived, since in the event of an expected return they get a loss. In order not to waste your nerves, study the principles of the European handicap, and the internal rules of the gambling website, and only then make a decision to place bets.

And finally, a feature of the European handicap, in contrast to the Asian one, is that the bookmaker takes into account not two, but three options for the outcome of the match: a loss, a win, and a draw.

Asian Handicap – A Fight of Opposites

As mentioned earlier, if the European handicap is only integral, then the following rules for calculating the handicap are characteristic of the Asian handicap:

  • as an integer;
  • decimal;
  • as fractional numbers.

The whole number handicap is the simplest and most understandable type of handicap. An example of such a handicap is the number sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. This is the most bladeless type of fore. It is chosen if there is a high certainty that the selected athlete or team will win.

The decimal handicap is as follows: 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, and so on. Decimal handicaps do not include refunds. The decimal handicap only results in a win or loss. In all other respects, the calculations follow the standard scheme.

Fractional handicap – these are multiples of 0.25. When using this handicap, the outcome of a bet can vary quite widely: from a complete or partial win to a partial or complete loss.

The conclusion

The handicap is a handy tool that you need to be able to use when making sports bets. Handicaps come in different types (positive, negative, zero) and different types (European and Asian). By applying the handicap, the game becomes more vivid and impressive. We wish you good luck in betting!

The best sports betting sites in Nigeria

The best sports betting sites in Nigeria

If your goal is to find a betting site in Nigeria that you can trust, then we can give you some very useful information on this account. We will tell you where to bet on your favorite sport quickly and as profitably as possible.

Features of best betting sites in Nigeria

During the season of games, real fans can make good money on correct guesses about the future outcomes of games such as basketball, football, tennis, and more. Your success depends not only on your intuition but also on choosing the right bookmaker in Nigeria.

The best sports betting sites in Nigeria

Choosing the best betting site

A good betting site is an amazing place where all players have equal conditions for betting, where everyone can choose the event they want and eventually get the right payout. In summary, a good betting site has the following characteristics:

  1. Simple design and convenient interface. A good site, first of all, should be understandable to users. The bookmaker has to take care of the navigation. As more and more bettors access the app via mobile devices today, it is ideal that the betting site be adapted to access via smartphones or tablets.
  2. Acceptable scoring system. In the system, the odds play an initial role. A self-respecting bookmaker allows you to choose the market and range of odds. And the latter should be competitive.
  3. Nice bonuses and VIP promotions. A good betting site allows its customers to take advantage of various bonuses and offers. This increases the interest of the public and allows you to play for high stakes with minimal investment.
  4. Privacy & Security. A worthy sports betting site can be distinguished by the level of security of user accounts and accounts. The reputation of a bookmaker in Nigeria in most cases depends on the financial security system of the site.
  5. Customer technical support. Highly qualified, competent, polite support service is a parameter by which it is also worth choosing a site. A good bookmaker’s office will always support its client, give the necessary explanations, and resolve any issue.
  6. When choosing a betting site in Nigeria, pay attention to the totality of these factors. By learning how to balance, you can easily choose the site that will bring maximum pleasure and profit.

TOP-4 of the best sites in the world of online sports betting

Here is a list of the best betting sites that every gambler from Nigeria should know about.

A leader in online sports betting

BetWay is one of the most famous sports betting sites in Nigeria. This company, thanks to modern digital software, has taken a leadership position among other online betting platforms. The BetWay feature is a completely new way to place bets.

Registering on BetWay is very simple. After logging in, you need to make a deposit. Then you can place bets on BetWay anytime, anywhere, not only from a PC but also from a mobile or tablet.

Surebet: the embodiment of simplicity and reliability

Surebet is considered to be the best bookmaker through which you can bet on sports and get guaranteed rewards. On Surebet site, everyone can choose a suitable game (from volleyball to football), make an assessment, and place a bet. On the site, you can make a bet even if the game has already started. Nairabet is the oldest betting platform in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. It is distinguished by high-quality technical support, quick payment, and attractive bonuses.

A major betting business in Nigeria

Bet9ja is a company that works not only online, but also has many offices in the country. The bookmaker only accepts bets on major events held in Nigeria. Bet9ja is licensed. The website operates throughout Nigeria without restrictions. The Bet9ja website is one of the most visited, reliable, and financially stable bookmakers, predicting and accepting sports bets.

Novelty in the gambling services market in Nigeria

BetKing’s website appeared relatively recently, but it immediately showed its potential for development.

The company sells sports predictions that are judged to be as accurate and affordable as possible. Benefits of a BetKing subscription:

  • real chances of making money;
  • high-quality web resource;
  • time savings and great experience.


Sports betting is the most popular game of chance in Nigeria. Who is worth trusting? Of course, the leaders of gambling establishments have been working in Nigeria online for a long time and are stable. Each of these sites attracts certain indicators: the presence of bonuses, attractive coefficients, and high protection of funds.